Work From Home Memes

Remember when working from home was considered a luxury? Nowadays, it’s all lockdowns and Zoom meetings, where everyone speaks over one another uncomfortably, and one person is continually reminded that she’s still on mute. While the remote office has lost some of its lustres in the aftermath of the worldwide Read more

Tuesday Work Memes

Whether you work in an office or as a waiter at a restaurant, we can all agree that working is a stressful task. Seriously, spending more than eight hours a day at a job you despise? No, thank you. Rather than working, you may protest by looking at memes! These Read more

Funny Work Memes That Will Make Your Day

Your work, if you’re lucky, is something you enjoy doing. Or, at the absolute least, you don’t mind working there for more than 40 hours each week. But, no matter how you’re feeling, everyone needs a midweek pick-me-up now and then. One of the simplest methods to accomplish this? By Read more