Inspiring Websites for Food Companies

In today’s world, a website is a virtual need when running any kind of business. It plays as the cornerstone for driving a reputation as well as improving the local awareness of the brand. Even the food and restaurant industries benefit from having an elegant website design.

While some companies will use the website as a portal to order food, it plays more of a role than just sales. It’s often used as a platform to engage patrons as well as give the business a presence for local buzz.

Unfortunately, too many food companies don’t benefit from web hosting like many other industries. A lot of websites consist of nothing more than contact information and hours of operation. In reality, it can be far more than just an expensive digital business card.

Here are 10 inspiring websites that demonstrate how food companies can take the online presence further.

Pastini Pastaria

Pastini Pastaria is a great example of adding food imagery to tempt the taste buds. The site features a fading gallery as its header to demonstrate just a few of the dishes that can be found at this fine establishment. For those looking for delivery options, the company makes it clear in the “Order” area of the site as well.

Pastini Pastaria isn’t just about order food. It also has a section on the site dedicated to teaching others about types of pastas. This gives the site more of an engaging atmosphere by helping customers through education.

Eat Drink Inc

Another site that adds interaction, Eat Drink Inc’s website makes minor use of parallax design and long-form content. Expanding menus condenses a large portion of the information such as menus, and the company includes its presence in the press for those who want to learn more about the business.

Each of the locations for Eat Drink Inc are accompanied by Google maps, which make finding the establishments easier whether customers are on mobile devices or computers at home.

Minne’s Diner

Minne’s Diner is a great example of how small businesses can engage online visitors. This small restaurant uses a plain layout that emulates looking at a newspaper on a wooden table. Information regarding the company is easily accessible complete with social elements and a blog.

What makes this site stand out is that it shows how customizing with WordPress web hosting can be an effective way of engaging the audience regardless of the size of the business.

Food Sense

The Food Sense website uses a responsive design that makes operation easy whether one is on a desktop system or using a smartphone. Navigation shrinks to adjust while removing graphic elements that may get in the way of the mobile experience.

The site comes complete with a way to learn more about the foods featured, blogs and a social element for engaging visitors.


Another seemingly minimalist design, Graze has a profound front page appearance with its header but then is filled with white space below the fold. Perhaps the only way to make this site operate faster would be to use lazy loading on the remaining images.

The company makes use of testimonials as well as promoting the venues that have featured the organization. Because consumers value this information more often than actual advertisements, Graze connects with shoppers from the homepage.

Caravan Coffee Roasters

Another site that uses a minimum sense of parallax design, Caravan Coffee Roasters seems more artistic than others in this list. It makes use of large imagery while providing little information on the front page. However, more about the company is easily accessed from the animated links.

One of the more attractive features is how the company offers recipes involving coffee within a blog format. This is a prime example of engaging an audience while demonstrating what else can be done and how to use the product.

Coffee Cava

Although developed in Russian, Coffee Cava does offer a great sense of visual appeal for those who don’t speak the language. The layout is quite interactive and delivers a great deal of information regarding the types of products the company uses.

In a way, the overall design is simplistic yet effective for adding visual appeal and information about the business.


The third coffee-based website in this list, Pact makes use of animated headers without involving the archaic methods of Flash. This makes the movies faster and far more secure. The design has a good flow to it, and information is readily available while viewed from mobile devices.

Aside from the standard shopping links, Pact is another company that adds engagement for visitors through the use of brew guides. Not only does information like this help their customers, but it also gives reasons for others to visit. It demonstrates how to take an eCommerce site a bit further and build trust within the consumer.

Cheesemonger Invitational

Cheesemonger Invitational shows what a simple and responsive site design can do for a homepage. It is easy to navigate and seems simplistic even with the number of photos within its pages.

The only thing really missing from this site is text content to delve deeper into its purpose. However, there are plenty of high-quality images that are engaging, especially for those who are into the contest of cheeses.

Dominos Pizza

Who doesn’t love delivery pizza now and again? Dominos Pizza delivers an online method to order food from local establishments while keeping track of quick payment and ordering options. The entire menu is available for review and selected locations will display coupons related to that area.

Dominos is on this list because of its ability to offer an engaging experience. Customers can watch a status bar progress from the moment they order the pizza until it is out for delivery. Each segment is time stamped and the layout of the status checker can be customized by the user with available options.

Never Underestimate the Power of the Website..

Web hosting is a cost efficient way to engage communities both online and off. Because more people are taking to the Internet to search for nearby eats, it’s imperative the site catches their attention. In the grand scheme of things, the website could be as vital to the success of the company as the brick-and-mortar establishment itself.